The Process

I need this done fast, how long will this take to get my loan?

I need this done fast, how long will this take to get my loan?

Here is where we shine the most, we encourage our clients to e-mall their documents such as taxes, pay stubs, and bank statements to our secure website. This will ensure that no documents are lost and are easily organized by our staff to quickly process your loan. The government disclosures required wilt be e-mailed to you for your signature and emailed back to us. This is a simple way of doing business from the comfort of your home.

Be prepared to have your credit checked for no upfront cost and have an appraisal of the property you wish to finance. The appraisal is a third party service and there maybe upfront cost. The credit check may take up to 24 hours as we use third party verification to obtain this information. The appraisal of the real estate is usually two weeks.

PM Pacific Mortgage

The Loan

We are Loan Brokers. We shop the market of lenders to find the best fit for your loan situation. In the past, to get a real estate loan, you would visit your local bank and apply for a real estate loan to make your real estate purchase.

Today, you can contact PM Pacific Mortgage and have our specialized team do the work for you. At PM Pacific Mortgage, we are busy searching many wholesale lenders rates and costs for that perfect loan fit for you. Many times you may not have access to the wholesale lenders, which is why our services are so valuable. This is much like going to a car dealer for a car and there is no need to contact the auto manufacture. You go to a dealer or broker to make your purchase and get the best deal.

Sure, you could shop for yourself, but we are experts, this is what we do day in and day out. Please know that we are sure you are probably good at what you do at your job or business. You are the expert because of your knowledge in that field. We are experts at finding the perfect fit loan for you.

At PM Pacific Mortgage, we are the experts when it comes to real estate loans. We are here to serve our clients. Give PM Pacific Mortgage your business, and put our experts to work for you.

Get Started

To get started, complete the contact us on the next page. We will quickly start processing your loan request. Please indicate the best time to call and the best telephone number to contact you.

But first, here are a few tips to process your loan faster, gather your documents. Taxes for the past most current two years, 30 days of pay stubs, 90 days P and L (Profit and Loss) if you own a business and 90 days of bank statements both business and personal (all pages front and back). If money is coming from a retirement account or certificate of deposit, a copy of this account will be needed also. Having this information available will greatly assist the PM Pacific Mortgage loan experts in processing your real estate loan.

Another tip is to have all your job information ready, that is, whom should we contact for verification of employment, do we need an employee number for verification, is there a special department or person the verification should be sent to. Here is something that most people forget, please sign your taxes! Sign both years (and by each persons on the taxes).

If you are purchasing a property, we will need a copy of the purchase agreement signed by the buyer and seller. Now let's get started by contacting PM Pacific Mortgage today!